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Herbal Formula Ointment Skin Dark Spot Cleanup (C3)

Herbal Formula Ointment Skin Dark Spot Cleanup (C3)

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Notice:After using the product within 24 hours do not touch the affected part with water, under normal circumstances scab off scab time is 7~10 days, can not pick off the scab, must wait for it to fall off naturally

Volume: 5g

Apply way:Apply on the spots

                ( Big black spot 20 seconds,Small spot 10 seconds)and wipe down.

                   If there is severe pain, please wipe it off immediately and stop using it.


Be sure to read the manual carefully before use


  1. This product is suitable for ages 5-55 (under the age of 16, use it under the supervision of an adult, if there is no consequence, you will pay yourself);
  2. It is forbidden to use scar constitution and allergies, underarms or private parts, pregnant women, breastfeeding period and children under 5 years old, and heart disease;
  3. It cannot be used if it is too close to the eyes (eyelids, eye corners, scalp, eyebrows, lips, mouth skin, corners of the mouth cannot be used); (private parts are prohibited);
  4. Use the tip of the toothpick. Moles and plaques are 4 mm in size, and flaky plaques: Moles, moles, and warts that are larger than mung beans cannot be used, and it is forbidden to use (anything exceeding the size can not be used! Pay for the consequences!)
  5. Each mole is only used once. It is forbidden to apply on a large area. You can only remove 1-2 at a time, and remove 1-2 after the scab is removed.
  6. If you have not used this product, you need to try it on your hands or legs first, and do not use it directly on your face.
  7. After the operation is completed, seal the rubber stopper of the bottle and put it out of the reach of children.
  8. This product is suitable for moles, moles, warts, flat warts, filiform warts, sweat ducts (Note: It is forbidden to use large areas of chloasma, pregnancy spots, sunburn, and scar constitution)

How to use mole spot ointment:

  1. Clean the place where the mole is to be removed, and dry the water;
  2. When removing moles, there should be no drops of water, and don’t use a lot of ointment, just a little bit, and scratch off the excess water and ointment on the bottle wall;
  3. Use a toothpick to dip a small amount of ointment on the mole, and do not puncture the mole (the mole or spot is as big as it is, and it should not exceed the range of the mole. If it accidentally touches normal skin, wash it off with water immediately).
  4. After use, about 1-2 minutes, the skin starts to feel hot and painful. When the skin around the mole is red, immediately wipe off the mole ointment with a cotton swab. , patiently waiting for the scab to fall off!
  5. You can soak it in water after scabbing, but don't soak it in water for a long time. After the scab is removed, apply the repair solution (once in the morning and in the evening).

Instructions after use:

  1. Pay attention to taboos during the period: soy sauce, spicy, ginger, pigmented drinks, and remove after scabs are removed (reasons for taboos: to prevent melanin from remaining or rebounding).
  2. When you wipe off the paste with a cotton swab, it is possible that only half of the mole will be wiped off, and the other half will not be wiped off in the flesh. drop. Be sure to let it scab naturally and don't pick it. Do not use facial cleanser or the like on the mole removal area.
  3. Do not touch the scab with your hands, and do not deliberately remove the scab, so that the scab will fall off naturally, otherwise it will easily leave small black marks.
  4. After the scab falls off, if the point is small, there is usually no mark. If the range is relatively large, traces may be left, don't worry, generally it will slowly disappear after 3-6 months. The recovery speed is related to the metabolism level of the individual skin, please be patient.



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